I make my way through the crowded bar with my phone out in my hand, pretending like I'm doing more than studying the face on the screen. "Are you James?" I rehearse, trying to remember the height and hair color as I scan the room for a familiar face--in a, "we just matched on Tinder … Continue reading Tinderella


There Will Be Time

You come to the door--or what's left of it--at a house number you could never forget.  A turn of the knob, a shove with your hip and a broken hinge that gives way to crooked entrance: No matter. The floor creaks under your feet and the burnt smell overwhelms your senses and bites at your throat. This is when … Continue reading There Will Be Time

In Irons

  /in/ /ˈī(ə)rns/ Trapped, unable to bear away or move forward. You can go sternway and let yourself be carried back, reverse helm and choose to turn around, or slip sideways, losing distance--raising daggerboard--to change the course you're on. There's a fourth option: hiking out as hard as you can into the eye of the storm. She's in a cold lot with … Continue reading In Irons