For the last four years I have been balancing work and academia spanning the University, public and non-profit sectors, culminating in my current employment at both Shoe Fly, a family company, and Harrisburg University of Science and Technology. My three-year academic career included a major in Print Journalism and minors in Communication Arts & Sciences, French, and International Relations. In 2014, I was accepted to study abroad first in Besançon, France and later Vienna, Austria. My education gave me a strong working knowledge of foreign languages, intensive writing, and digital production, while my experience as the managing editor of The Dangling Modifier gave me insight into social media outreach and website development. In my leadership role on the Board of Directors for the Daily Collegian, I helped to develop policies and procedures that promoted continued financial independence and editorial freedom.

On the volunteering side, I became a trained advocate at the Centre County Women’s Resource Center and joined a peer education club that aims to promote gender equality on campus. I graduated with the Nancy and Joseph Birkle Student Engagement Award, after my efforts to end sexual violence and assault at Penn State and on college campuses throughout the Commonwealth were recognized at the state, national, and global levels.

After college, I accepted a position on the admissions team at Ross School, where I supported and led the recruitment efforts domestically, as well as in Europe, Russia, and Central/South America. Because I could not afford a journalism career straight out of college, I accepted this admissions position as a way to travel the world and meet people who might one day allow me to share their stories. Ross School in East Hampton, NY was more than just a school or a job—it taught me how much I value a healthy work/life balance and it demonstrated perfectly to me the anecdote about the carrot, the egg, and the coffee bean. It was this desire for change– and let’s face it, self preservation– that brought me closer to home and family.

As Digital Content Editor for Shoe Fly (my family’s company), I employ audience engagement tactics with the goal of increasing traffic and brand visibility on social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, and Vimeo). I have an eye and an ear for good stories that—when paired with my ability to navigate a digital landscape and analyze user interface—make me a strong candidate for my current hybrid journalism/advertising position.

Simultaneously I accepted the role as Program Coordinator at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, where I work in professional development and continuing education programs to provide public professional development courses, specialized degree and certificate cohorts, customized training, and contracted projects. It’s our mission to foster workforce and economic opportunities for the region while also generating value for the businesses and individuals we serve through professional programs.

Writing is my passion, and I hope you find that to be evident between the pages of my blog. Stay tuned for the eventual release of my upcoming book– Might be 2020, if I get started today.


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